Best Practices

This service is to fix the best practices issues for one address.

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This service is to fix the following issues for one address:

Avoids Application Cache
Avoids console.time()
Avoids Deprecated APIs
Avoids document.write()
Avoids Mutation Events In Its Own Scripts
Avoids Old CSS Flexbox
Avoids Requesting The Geolocation Permission On Page Load
Avoids Requesting The Notification Permission On Page Load
Displays Images With Incorrect Aspect Ratio
Includes Front-End JavaScript Libraries With Known Security Vulnerabilities
Manifest’s short_Name Won’t Be Truncated When Displayed On Homescreen
Links to cross-origin destinations are unsafe
Prevents Users From Pasting Into Password Fields
Some Insecure Resources Can Be Upgraded To HTTPS
Uses HTTP/2 For Its Own Resources
Uses Passive Event Listeners To Improve Scrolling Performance